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Wilson Security offers a wide variety of security solutions for all commercial and residential application. We offer a protection level that not many can compare to, the system sold by our representatives are superior to our competitors and are customized to our customers specific needs

Starting out…

Five years ago when I started this company I saw a need for a reliable security company that did business right the first time and minimized return service calls. There was several other security company’s in town but none of them provided the level of service and quality of installation that was in my opinion 5 star. So I made it goal when I stared this company to always provide an elite installation with superior equipment, no matter if it was a small service call or a million dollar job.


Hard Work is that…

HARD WORK! We have grown from a 1 man shop out of a house to large business with a store front and multiple employees. We have done that by working around the clock to prove to you that you are the most important mechanism of this company. To continue to provide the best service we recently we have grown into a new building at 750 Duvall Ave. in Salina. We now have a show room with equipment that you can see what your buying before it’s in your business to ensure that it is the best fit for you.


New Technology… 

In order to give you the absolute best equipment to you we always test new brands and models in our office before we sell it. You hirer us to be the experts in what we install, not to sell you something that you don’t need or know how to work.


Our Motto… 


While it may seem like another “15 minutes can save you 15%” but It describes every facet of our company. We take your ideas and mix it with our experience to create a solution that completes your security needs. We don’t have systems on shelf that we try to accommodate to your needs with, we create a solution and then build a system that molds itself to you to ensure that you and your property are completely protected.










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